Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black Folks Didn't fight in WWII...

Yep its true.
Don't believe your grandfather or great-grandfather.
He is a liar.

You should believe is the History Channel. The truth is right there on the TV. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. I mean I figured it out and I have never been confused w/ a rocket scientist. I have watched DAYS of WWII documentaries on the His-Story Channel (yeah I know saying that way is cliched but it fits) and maybe once I have seen something said about Black soldiers. So obviously Blacks did nothing to help stop the Axis powers.
Not in The Sea (184,000 {includes Marine Corps})
The Air (994)
And certainly not The Ground (909,000)

If Blacks were in the service, I am sure they only "contributed".
I mean really? How important are supplies to an advancing army?
So what if not one of the bombers escorted by those airmen from Tuskegee was lost.
Aircraft carriers have enough guns, they really don't need to be escorted.

Excuse my sarcasm above. But I really get upset when I watch the History Channel and they air all these shows on WWII and I have not seen one talking about our part in The War.
I am sure they have them. They are probably place in the back of the storage room just waiting for Black History Month to come so they can be dusted off and and paraded in front of Black America.
"Look! We have shows documenting Colors in WWII!"
And when the shortest month of the year is over they back into storage.
I want to see these shows aired just like The Last Days Of WWII. Or Hitler's Lost Plan.
By putting us off to the side only to be brought out once a year, you belittle us and all that we contributed.

I found it hard to believe that in the documentary, The Last Days of WWII, they only interviewed one Black soldier. In the series, Enterprise, they mentioned that there was Black sailors but did not interview any of them.
Our Black WWII heroes are getting old and their story needs to be told.

Another thing: You mean to tell me there aren't any Black professors/historians? NOT ONE!?!
has a lot of info check it out.

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  1. Harper, I feel you. Alas, this has been par for the course for so long. I remember fighting to get Mrs. Peterson to be able to teach Black History at 'Ham. The fight still continues. :/